(KRON) — A very sad anniversary is coming up for us here at KRON4. The day before Thanksgiving in 2021, our friend and colleague Kevin Nishita was shot and killed while providing security for one of our reporters in Oakland. Two of the three men charged with his murder are in custody, while the search for the third suspect continues.

We spoke with Kevin’s widow about this past year and how she is focused on getting justice for her husband.

“It’s been one year, and it’s been sad. It’s been an emptiness. It has been, it’s just… we miss him. We really miss him,” said Virginia Nishita.

Her husband Kevin was shot and killed during an attempted robbery while providing security for a KRON4 reporter in Oakland.

“I was expecting him to be here, you know, during this time, and he’s not. So I had to make my new steps and make the steps on my own now and it’s… it’s very sad,” she said.

Shadihia Mitchell and Hershel Hale are now in custody and awaiting trial on murder charges. A third suspect has also been charged and remains on the run. A $40,000 reward has been offered for information leading to an arrest.

“I am hopeful that somebody will speak up this crime happened and justice needs to be done for Kevin,” his widow said.

Before retiring and working security, Kevin Nishita was a veteran police officer working for the Oakland Housing Authority, and the San Jose, Hayward and Colma police departments.

“Kevin’s passion was always to protect, whether it be the community, his family, you know, friends, you know he was such a loyal person, you know to, to work and to. Like I said family and friends,” Virginia said.

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Off the clock, Kevin was a husband, a brother, a father and a devoted grandfather of three.

“They’re going to school now. And he always wanted to walk them and that’s the reason why he retired,” said Virginia. “You know, because he wanted to walk them to school. And now they’re attending school now and he’s not here. So it’s always a sad thing when I see them leaving for school.”

Kevin was also inseparable from his dog, Cali, who sadly passed away this month at the age of 14. Virginia says this year of loss has not been easy, but she just makes sure to keep going and make every day count.

“Because Kevin would want me to,” she said. “So I know that there’s the word ‘gamen,’ and it’s a Japanese word, meaning, you know, perseverance under difficult times. So that’s me.”