SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sat down with KRON4’s Pam Moore for an exclusive interview Wednesday. The Democratic Leader and Moore talked on a wide range of topics.A DIVIDED NATION

The interview started with Representative Pelosi talking about the climate in Washington, D.C. “Some of the division that is coming forth has been encouraged by the President of the United States and that is very unfortunate.”

The discussion moved to the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Phoenix. “Unfortunately what these, you call them Alt-Right they call themselves that, I call them Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists, what they are doing is endangering people.” Pelosi went on to say “The President has embolden them and they are going to go around the country to other places as well.”FREE SPEECH VS RADICAL RALLIES

In San Francisco on Wednesday, Federal authorities issued a permit to a politically conservative group for a Saturday afternoon rally in San Francisco that local officials fear could turn violent.

The National Park Service had earlier told Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson that he had permission for the event, but withheld issuing the permit until the group agreed to several conditions, which include banning guns, tiki torches and other items that can be turned into weapons.

Pelosi was among a number of Democratic politicians who had called on The National Park Service to deny Patriot Prayer the permit to hold the rally at Crissy Field this weekend. Pelosi told Moore “my hope is the park service would not allow these elements to use a national park to spew forth their venom.”


Democrats rolled out an economic agenda earlier this year called “A Better Deal.” Moore questioned Pelosi about a tepid response from her own party, the Minority Leader gave a much different view of what she is hearing from Democrats on the plan “a very positive response the month of August, this break, was a test drive, we sent our members on the road see how people respond to this.”

A Better Deal focuses on raising wages, lower the cost of prescription drugs, college costs and child care among other economic issues.