KRON4’S Teacher of the Week: Analise Cummings


(KRON) KRON4 is proud to honor Analise Cummings as our Teacher of the Week for January 16, 2017.

Analise teaches 3rd Grade at El Roble Elementary School for the Gilroy Unified School District.

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Here is the winning nomination:

Why are you nominating this educator?: A TERRIFIC teacher to truly be THANKFUL for☺

As we say our thanks this holiday season, our family gives gratitude to an amazing woman who has changed our lives for the better: Analise Cummings. This year our son is blessed to have Mrs. Cummings as his third grade teacher at El Roble Elementary School in Gilory. She is a calm, loving, structured, creative, motivating, driven, and inspiring teacher. These positive aspects exist in her classroom daily, and carry on with her students to their homes and into their families’ lives. When you are in her classroom and watch her teach, you truly feel warm and fuzzy inside. Her peaceful demeanor makes one feel as if she is giving her students educational hugs all day long. We have personally seen our son grow leaps and bounds both socially, emotionally, and academically because of the educational and life lessons she teaches everyday.

Not only is our angel of a teacher a positive influence on our child, and all her students, she is a positive influence on us parents. When you pick your child up everyday and talk with her, you cannot help but walk away smiling (even if she had to talk to you about something your child needs to improve upon). She is so in tune with her students and differentiating with them is a norm to her. She does not need to look at their homework, tests, or, heaven forbid, state test scores to tell you how your child is doing; it is just innate with her. She earnestly listens and devises a plan for any situation. She is very skilled at adaptation and accommodation. We know her own family is blessed to have her in their lives, but we feel eternally blessed too. Thank you Mrs. Cummings for being the kind-hearted person and teacher that you are; we are all truly blessed and thankful for all you do☺


The Cefalu Family

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