Kwon Alexander ‘just happy to be back out there’ in 1st practice with 49ers since injury


SANTA CLARA (KRON) — “Legendary,” 49ers linebacker Kwon Alexander said to describe his first practice back with the team. “Just happy to be back out there. It was fun to be back.”

Alexander suffered a torn pectoral during Week 9’s 28-25 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Oct. 31.

He was ruled out for the rest of the season.

But things are looking a shade brighter for Alexander and the Niners as he participated in his first practice since the injury. And it was “fun”, but he’s not the only one that thought so.

“It’s kind of hard for 16 games every single day to bring the passion and have fun with it,” DE Nick Bosa said. “If he’s there, we have no choice but to have fun.”

Pectoral muscles, aka “pecs” are the muscles that connect the front of the chest with the bones of the upper arm and shoulder.

Alexander had previously suffered a torn ACL during his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in October of 2018. One year later, he suffered a torn pectoral.

“It’s way different than an ACL injury. My mindset always been legendary,” he said. “Keep my mindset correct and don’t put myself down. A lot of times you go through those things, injuries and it’s hard times. My teammates been lifting me up so I’m just ready to get back honestly.”

When asked what some of the limitations and challenges are with this particular injury, Alexander said what probably every Niners fan wanted to hear.

“Ain’t no challenges for me,” he said. “Just trying to get back to myself, back in the playbook which I’ve already been in. I’ve been in meetings and stuff with the team. Just trying to get back on schedule with everybody.

So when can we expect the linebacker back on the field?

“Whenever they let me,” he said. “I’m just out here working. Just trying to get back, back on schedule.”

The Red and Gold are set to battle their first playoff game on Saturday, Jan. 11 at Levi’s Stadium. Though Head Coach Kyle Shanahan hinted that Alexander would probably not gear up for their first post-season game, he did say it’s more likely he makes an appearance in the NFC Championship Game on Jan. 19 if the team advances.

Nonetheless, Alexander said he’s ready.

“Whatever coach tell me, I’m (going) to be ready for whatever situation it is,” he said. “I’ll be prepared.”

Whether or not he participates in his team’s first playoff game of 2020, Alexander will be supporting his team from the sidelines as he has been doing.

Days after his surgery, he said he wanted to stay near the team even though he couldn’t play.

“I love the team, I love the game. It’s hard to take me away from the game. It wasn’t my leg, wasn’t my ACL so I’m able to move around,” he said. “And it didn’t hurt that bad after surgery. It was cool. I was able to get around, stay around my teammates to keep them hype as they’ve been doing. They’ve been holding it down so far.”

It’s only been one practice but the excitement is in the air.

One step at a time, the “MVP” will return.

“He’s probably the MVP of our team,” Bosa said. “The energy all the time. Obviously having him on the sidelines, but him really being in the game, being able to go hit somebody and get everybody going — it’s super important.

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