(KRON) — Thursday looks likely to be the last day of truly oppressive temperatures as the unprecedented September heat wave that descended on the Bay Area late last week finally begins to wind down.

“One more day of brutal heat and then relief is on the way,” said KRON4 Meteorologist, Kyla Grogan.

Temperatures around the Bay Area Thursday are set to heat up again after a slight cool-down Wednesday. However, they’re not expected to be anywhere near the scorching, record-breaking temps we saw on Monday or Tuesday. But that’s not to say exactly that the heat wave is coming to a screeching halt.

“Temps will not plummet quickly on Friday, but we will start to pull away from this prolonged heat wave and we will continue the cooling into the weekend getting much closer to seasonal temperatures next week,” Grogan explained.

‘Dangerous,’ triple-digit temperatures for Thursday

Before bowing out, the heat wave looks likely to deliver one final day of dangerous triple-digit temperatures to our inland areas.

“Today, the heat is on in our inland communities, 100 to 110 degrees is possible in the inland East, North and South Bays,” said Grogan. “This will be heat that is dangerous and it is very wise to take precautions today.” 

With the prolonged heat wave continuing to strain the state power grid, Cal ISO has issued a ninth consecutive statewide Flex Alert for Thursday, asking people to reduce power usage between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. While the state has managed to stave off mandated planned outages, thousands have lost power this week due to heat-related outages and communication errors that led several Bay Area cities to shut off power when there was no need to do so.

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In terms of beating the heat for what is hopefully the last day of extreme heat, Grogan recommends that people, “stay cool, stay hydrated and consider postponing outdoor activities.”

While we can gladly see the end in sight for the heat wave, there is another potential weather event on the horizon that could bring it’s own set of challenges.

“Looking ahead, we have a hurricane in the Pacific that will be sending some clouds our way as it heads north and dissipates,” said Grogan. “I’ll be keeping an eye on that as we head into the weekend.”

The hurricane is not expected to bring rain to the Bay Area. However, it is likely to bring humidity and could bring thunderstorms and lightning, increasing fire danger in the wake of the blistering heat that’s left vegetation parched.