SACRAMENTO (KRON) – State lawmakers are hoping to make a significant impact on California’s housing shortage by the end of the legislative session.

Governor Gavin Newsom says tackling the issue is at the top of his list of legislative priorities.

“We’re promoting a housing agenda, we have more work to do obviously on homelessness, but anything in that space, we need a lot of support.”

The governor specifically pointing to SB330, also known as the California housing crisis act of 2019.

The bill would force cities and counties to speed up construction. Requiring them to scale back on restrictions and processes that supporters say typically slow down development.

Governor Newsom has called for 3.5 million new housing units in California by 2025.

The governor also signaling he’d like to see a renter’s protection bill on his desk.

The governor recently announced a deal with a bill that would cap rent increases state-wide at 5% plus inflation.

The California Realtors Association is still opposed, saying the measure discourages building more rental housing and doesn’t address a lack of supply.