(KRON) — A majority of managers are worried about a recession negatively impacting business and agree that remote workers would be the first to go in the event of layoffs, according to a new survey. The survey, The Future of the Digital Workplace: A Survey of American Managers, published by presentation maker, beautiful.ai, surveyed 3,000 managers to learn about “how the digital workplace has impacted their business.”

Among the survey’s key findings were that 80% of managers say they’re worried about a recession negatively impacting business and that 60% agree that remote workers would be the first to be laid off, if layoffs become necessary.

The survey, which was released on Tuesday, comes amid a rash of reported layoffs. Fitness company Peloton plans to slash hundreds of jobs in an effort to turn itself around, according to the Wall Street Journal. Bay Area companies to have recently announced layoffs include Gap, DocuSign and Facebook’s parent company, Meta Inc.

In the beautiful.ai survey, 62% of managers said managing was more difficult in a remote workplace and 78% said they worried a recession will make hiring challenges worse than they already are. The push by employers to get workers back into the office and resistance by workers who’ve grown accustomed to the freedom of working remotely has played out in the public square in recent months.

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Earlier this week, Uber announced it would start requiring workers to start reporting to the office two days a week. A group of Apple employees are publicly pushing back against the tech giant’s demand they return to the office three days a week. A letter published by The Verge addressed to CEO Tim Cook, cited a “disconnect between how the executive team thinks about remote/location-flexible work and the lived experiences of many of Apple’s employees.”

Not all the takeaways from the beautiful.ai survey reflected negatively on remote work. Of the managers surveyed, 97% say they see remote and hybrid digital work as having a positive impact.