(KRON) — Known to some as Charlie Prowler or Ben Benjamin, the 32-year-old Benjamin Runnels was the lead singer of band Introflirt.

Introflirt’s self-described “croonwave” style “is a result of founder & singer Ben Benjamin spending countless weekends in an Oakland piano bar, honing his chops with mid-century jazz standards, realizing a vintage flair and rich vocal technique rarely heard in electronic music,” according to the biography on the band’s website.

Runnels mother, Lorrie Runnels, confirmed her sons death on Facebook, saying the family is flying to Oakland to meet as many of his friends as possible.

” He was the brightest shining star and we carry him in our hearts,” she wrote. Friend Colin Jensen Peden wrote on Facebook, “Ben Runnels (Ben Benjamin / Charlie Prowler / Introflirt) was a beautiful singer and really nice young man who I had the good fortune to interview for KALW.”CNN contributed to this story