LIVERMORE, Calif. (KRON) – Sunday’s powerful wind left power lines down across the area, trees fallen over and thousands without electricity.

The impact could be seen first hand at Bay Area golf courses.  

One of the hardest hit spots was at the Las Positas golf course in Livermore as extensive damage hit the course during Sunday’s wind event.

Winds blew trees and branches to the ground.  ​

One witness Nichole Wiley explains, “During the first part of the day and the midday it was insane.”

As Kron4’s reporter J.R. Stone drove to the course on Monday, he didn’t have to go far to see the downed trees and branches along the green. 

In the video shown above from witness Darwin Clark, you can see Clark’s friend hitting the golf ball towards the green and as Clark pans back you can see a tree falling to the ground.

Another wittness, Will Brown describes his experience on Sunday golfing, “It was pretty crazy. It changed our mood a little bit. A leisurely golf, to more of a survival mode”

Clark adds he felt it was best to head in from the game early, “It was becoming a little apparent that the round may not be safe to complete.”

Crews say it could take up to a month to finish clean up.

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