(KRON) — A soccer team from London has been contending with a social media backlash after putting out a commemorative tweet about 9/11 and getting the date wrong.

“The thoughts of all at Streatham Rovers Football Club are with the American people on this, the 21st anniversary of the horrific events of 9/11,” read the tweet which was sent on Wednesday.

Twitter users were quick to respond that the 21st anniversary of 9/11 was almost two months ago. However, Streatham Rovers FC wasn’t having it.

“To every idiot claiming we’ve got the wrong date: do you have any idea how offensive you’re being?” the club added in a subsequent tweet. “How about you get off the internet and get yourself some friends you sad little freaks.”

Eventually, the club seemed to get its dates sorted with the next tweet reading, “Okay — we did actually get the date wrong. And we apologize for that. But ultimately that shouldn’t be allowed to distract from what was a genuine and heartfelt memorial message.”

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The thread went on to explain that in England, dates are listed differently than in America with the day preceding the month.

“We use a different way of writing dates in Britain,” the club tweeted. “This wasn’t some ridiculous mistake by the Football Club/me, it was an honest mistake.”

“Write your dates however you like but we in England INVENTED the concept of time so you’re in the wrong here,” the tweet concluded.

According to the club’s Twitter bio, Streatham Rovers FC is a non-league club in South London that was established in 1917, and a proud member of the Xtermin8 Rat Poison Football League.