Majority votes say Prop 10 is not answer to housing crisis in California


California voters sent a clear message on election night that they’re against rent control and Proposition 10.

More than 60 percent of voters say this ballot measure was not the answer to the state’s housing crisis.

So what is the answer?

Both sides say they want to work together and to solve the housing crisis.

Perhaps, though, just in different ways.

“The housing crisis is insane right now,” renter Jasmine Martin said. “A lot of people are going to the streets.”

Martin and her brother Victor say their landlord threatened to evict their family.

“We could no longer afford rent, right, so that’s why we want to fight for other families that are going through the same thing and going through evictions unjust because they can no longer afford rents,” Martin said.

Together, along with dozens of people in support of Proposition 10, they watched as the controversial ballot measure was defeated on Tuesday.

Voters decided against repealing the state’s current law and leaving its limits on rent control intact.

Its failure at the ballot box is a blow to tenant activists but a win for the landlords who opposed it from the beginning.

“It wasn’t going to result in new housing or more affordable housing,” Sid Lakireddy with the California Rental Housing Association, said. “It wasn’t going to be a long-term solution to the long-term problem of the housing crisis in California.”

Lakireddy says the proposition did demonstrate the urgency and the priority the housing crisis needs to take on legislator’s agenda.

“It’s decades of policy that have brought us to this point in this crisis and all those decades of policies have to be unwound and looked at and studied,” Lakireddy said.

And Prop 10 supporters agree on that.

“It lets our legislators know that this is an important issue for the whole State of California,” Prop 10 supporter Tanya love said.

“This is more than a proposition,” Victor Martin said. “This is a movement and it’s just the beginning of lots of things that will come in the future.”

The California Rental Housing Association says it’ll take many policy changes to fix our housing crisis and that this proposition was not the answer.



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