MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — A stabbing in Muncie, Indiana on Thursday ended with a man dead and another arrested for murder.

The 19-year-old suspect told police he would refer to himself as a martyr and wanted to purge the wicked.

It happened a few minutes after noon Thursday at an apartment near South Franklin and West Seventh streets.

Muncie police arrested Jaylin Ammon on a preliminary charge of murder. He was being held in the Delaware County Jail. Court documents showed the victim was stabbed in the neck and crawled through a window to get away from the suspect.

A neighbor heard a loud scream; he looked out the window and saw the victim on the side of the yard. The neighbor ran downstairs to help the victim and called 911. He also tried to help the victim to stop the bleeding with a towel.

The victim was taken to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police spent hours processing the first-floor apartment for any evidence.

Marwin Strong, who is the organizer of Enough is Enough in Muncie, said, “Even though it’s not my family, it’s not their (the rest of his group’s) family, you know it hurts our heart because we care about our community.”

Members from the crime-prevention group stood and watched behind the yellow tape.

“Everybody is hurting and that’s why we call enough is enough of the violence, enough is enough of the drug addiction, enough is enough not having our teens go to prison on a daily basis,” he said.

Strong said his group patrols a different neighborhood in Muncie every Tuesday and Thursday night. They want to keep the peace and get to know their neighbors, and Thursday night was no different.

“We’re out here to pray, just pray for the community. We also pray for the victim. We pray for the one incarcerated right now,” he said.

According to court documents, a witness saw a shirtless man with long brown hair walking down Seventh Street. He was covered in blood. Police identified him as Ammon. The witness asked him if he was involved in the stabbing and he said, “I took out a Meth Dealer! He was going to hurt my friends.”

Documents showed the witness told the suspect to go to the police and he did. Police found a bloody pocket knife in Ammon’s pants pocket.

“It affects everyone because we’re part of the community. You know it takes a village to raise a village,” Strong said.

He said his group will continue to fight the fight in Muncie.

“We’re going to continue to help this community to understand you know. We need everybody to be involved in Enough is Enough because it’s that time, it’s that time to bring families together and not have people lose their lives over this senseless violence,” he said.

Documents also show the suspect told police he was upset with the victim dealing meth to his friends. He told the victim to leave his apartment and when he refused he stabbed victim.

WOOD contacted the Delaware County Coroner’s Office for a name and age of the victim, but did not hear back Thursday evening.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: