BELMONT, Calif. (BCN) — A Seattle man was arrested in Belmont for allegedly tampering with an ATM in Belmont, Belmont police said in a statement Friday.

A Bank of America technician found a skimming device on one of the ATMs and a camera set up nearby. A skimming device is a piece of technology that is attached to an ATM that steals users’ data such as their PIN, according to the FBI.

Belmont police conducted surveillance on the ATM on Dec. 31, 2022, and arrested Nicolae Diaconu, 29, after he allegedly returned to pick up the device. He is also facing charges of resisting a peace officer.

Belmont police said they are continuing to investigate the crime and believe other suspects were involved. If an ATM appears tampered with do not use it, police advised.

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If a machine asks for more information than usual, such as the CVC code on the back of an ATM card, it could be a sign of tampering, according to police.

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