PETALUMA, Calif. (KRON) — A man was arrested for assault with deadly weapon, violation of probation, and fleeing police on several occasions, according to the Petaluma Police Department.

On Thursday at around 12:28 p.m., Smart Code Compliance officers reported to PPD of a male who attempted to assault them when they tried to remove him from SMART train tracks. The suspect, Matthew Bowe, reportedly picked up large rocks at began to throw them at the SMART officers, narrowly missing them, police said.

Petaluma officers arrived and attempted to detain Bowe, however he fled the scene. Officers were unable to locate him after an extensive search. About four hours later, an officer located Bowe as he was walking along NB Highway 101 near West Sierra Drive in Cotati, according to police.

After yelling at officer, Bowe ran up a nearby hill and ran in an eastbound direction towards the City of Cotati. Bowe was pursued by officers for nearly half a mile through elevated terrain, a residential neighborhood, and a nearby creek, police said.

Police said officers drew their tasers and warned Bowe several times to comply. After refusing, an officer deployed his taser, which struck Bowe, but was ineffective, according to police.

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Bowe then fled over a fence and was eventually stopped in the 100 block of Cervantes Drive in Cotati with the help of Cotati Police Department. Bowe was placed in a restraint device after refusing to listen to officers and physically fighting them, police said.

After being placed under arrest, Bowe was found to be on active felony probation out of Sonoma County. He was booked for the following charges: assault with a deadly weapon, resisting a police officer, felony violation of probation.