ANTIOCH, Calif. (KRON) — A man has been arrested in connection to a collision in Antioch that killed a 12-year-old boy on his walk home from school and left four other people seriously injured in September.

Ray Shaqil Reeves, 29, was arrested and then booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on Tuesday, according to the Antioch Police Department . He has been charged with one count of vehicular manslaughter and five counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Reeves’ first court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 12, and his bail is set at $390,000.

On September 16 at 3:20 p.m. emergency crews were called to the corner of Manzanita Way and Sycamore Drive. Witnesses in the area told police that a red Chevrolet Impala–which police would later determine was driven by Reeves–collided with a tan Mercury Mystique in the area.

Witnesses state that the Mystique was headed west on Sycamore Drive, and preparing to turn left onto Manzanita Way. The Impala reportedly began heading westbound on Sycamore drive at a high speed. The Impala attempted to pass the Mystique on the left when the Mystique was attempting to make a left-hand turn.

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The crash forced the Impala in the direction of a group of children walking near the corner. Reeves and two of the children were life-flighted to area hospitals for their injuries. The two others in the crash were taken to hospital by ambulance.

The three 12-year-old children injured in the collision were siblings named Mason, Cheyenne and Gianathon. Mason had surgery to receive a graft on his face. Cheyenne was in a coma for a time, but has since woken up and been taken off of ventilators.

Though Mason and Cheyenne showed signs of improvement after the crash, Gianathon did not. Gianathon was removed from life support on Sept. 22.

Mason and Cheyenne’s mother, Jami Christina Marie Hanlin, said she was trying to be “as strong as I can for all my kids” but that she felt “helpless.”