Man couch surfs in San Francisco to find his lost dog


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) Sean lopez is putting up flyers in San Francisco.

It’s been three months since he’s seen his dog and best friend Yippy.

“I was closer with Yip than I have ever been with anybody,” Lopez said.

In June, the Apple Valley native was only passing through San Francisco on his journey to begin a new life in Oregon.

Then everything changed.

“I’d take him everywhere,” he said. “He’d sleep right next to me every night that’s my dog you know?”

Sean said he was driving in the Ingleside area when Yippy was apparently spooked by something and then disappeared.

For the last three months, Sean has been couch surfing throughout the city as people have felt compelled to help in his search.

Thanks to a kind stranger, their couch has been his bed for the past few weeks.

Others are also stepping up to help out.

“People posting flyers with me sometimes for like five hours and staying up all night just to post flyers and get areas covered,” he said. “So it’s like reinspired me to keep going and not give up.”

Passion for his dog is clearly not something Sean is lacking.

He has a tattoo of little Yip on his forearm.

And has even written rap songs about his beloved terrier..

A Facebook page with hundreds of members has been helping to spread the word about the lost pup.

A few look-a-likes have popped up — but none have been Yippy.

Sean said his commitment to the search is not going to waver, and he hopes to be reunited with best friend soon.

“It’s almost like a test, like how hard are you willing to go for someone or something you love,” he said. “I mean I’m not gonna stop. Yeah I gotta find him. I’m gonna find him.”

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