MILLBRAE (KRON) — Nearly one year has passed since a couple was robbed at gunpoint while walking out of the Pancake House restaurant in Millbrae– and though four individuals have been arrested, police are still searching for one more suspect. 

A group of suspected gang members in Millbrae spotted the couple inside the restaurant on the afternoon of Feb. 2. The San Mateo Sheriff’s Office said the suspects then called other gang members to the restaurant and gave one of them a gun — the weapon later used during the robbery outside the restaurant.

Earlier this month, police arrested two suspects in connection to the armed robbery — Miani Pon and Taisia Pete Fauolo. The San Mateo Sheriff’s Department says the pair was taken into custody at the Maguire Correctional Facility, where Fauolo was already in custody in connection to a Daly City attempted murder case. 

Two additional suspects, Michael Pon and Davainte Jackson, were arrested Jan. 8 in San Francisco’s Bay View District. 

A fifth suspect, Reno Goldie Fiapoto, was already in police custody in San Francisco County on a burglary charges, the sheriff’s office said — but has since been released from jail with an ankle monitor. Police say the man cut off his ankle monitor — and he is now wanted in connection to the Feb. 2018 robbery. 

Those with information on the man’s whereabouts are asked to contact the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office at (650) 363-4060.