COWETA COUNTY, Ga. (CNN) — Authorities outside Atlanta are looking for a man they say stole nearly $14,000 worth of jewelry from Costco.

They say he pulled off the crime by hiding in the store overnight.

Investigators say they’ve never seen a case like this before.

They believe the thief actually parked at a nearby movie theater and walked to the Costco.

He allegedly hid for five hours before swiping the jewels.

“I think its really shocking and scary,” said Costco customer Hilerin Gordon.

Investigators say the man cased the store earlier in the day and returned hours later.

Video shows the man coming out of hiding after five hours.

According to police, he smashed a glass display and grabbed more than $13,000 worth of jewelry.

“It is a big store and he found a spot in the store that he could conceal himself,” said Jae Robertson, Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.

Surveillance cameras caught the car the man drove away in and anyone who recognizes the car or the hideaway thief is asked to call deputies.