CLOVERDALE (KRON) — It’s a leg with a 10,000-foot high story.

Lumber yard workers in Cloverdale found a prosthetic leg on Monday, prompting a Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy began to investigate to figure out how it got into the yard and who it may belong to.

“The Cloverdale Airport is right next to the lumber yard where the prosthetic leg was found,” said Sonoma Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Crum. “The deputy came by here, asking if anyone knows how this leg may have landed in the lumber yard.”

The mystery was later solved.

“One person said, ‘yes, we had a customer yesterday who was skydiving with us and he lost his prosthetic leg in mid flight.'”

The prosthetic leg fell from 10,000 feet above.

The man who lost it has been identified by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office as Dion Calloway.

“It was a really good find. It was kind of a whodunit at first — how did a prosthetic leg get in the middle of this lumber yard,” the sergeant said.

Calloway first lost his leg two years ago in a skydiving accident — but it didn’t stop or slow him down.

“He said he came down really hard, really fast as he went to plant his foot his ankle and bottom part of his leg just exploded so he unfortunately lost his leg two years ago,” Sgt. Crum said.

That accident two years ago and losing his prosthetic leg this week isn’t stopping Calloway from doing what he loves.

“It was really refreshing to see his spirit and his enthusiasm toward something like this.” Crum says

Calloway was thankful to get his $15,000 dollar leg back and is happy it didn’t hurt anyone or anything during its landing.

“He had a great spirit and said it hasn’t slowed him down a bit and he continues to skydive to this day.”

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