A man who was in the country illegally was sentenced Monday to 50 years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to raping a child, the Tennesseean reports.

Edwin Velasquez Curuchiche, 42, was arrested for raping a then 6-year-old girl twice after befriending the girl’s family and sneaking into their home, according to police in Wilson County, Tennessee. 

Police said the Guatemala native is seen molesting the child in two video recordings dated Sept. 23, 2015, and Oct. 1, 2015. 

“Neither video showed the face of the defendant or victim, but did show unique rings and shoes on the defendant and birthmarks, clothing and bedding consistent with the victim,” the newspaper’s report stated.

Police said in both instances, Curuchiche had sneaked into the home after obtaining a key fradulently. 

He was arrested after the child found him hiding under her bed and ran to her parents screaming. They called police. 

Curuchiche was serving his federal sentence when he pleaded guilty to two counts of rape of a child. He was sentenced to 25 years on each count.