COLUMBUS (WCMH)– A Columbus man has been sentenced to life behind bars after being found guilty of killing a 7-year-old boy in 2016.

The man, Marctarious K. Grace, was found guilty in July of this year.

He was accused of unloading 11 shots from his pistol into a car with three children and a teenager inside.

De’Onte Fisher, a 7-year-old inside the vehicle, was hit in the head with gunfire and died. His little sister and brother were both hit with bullet fragments and glass, but survived the incident. A teenager inside the car was shot in the back.

Grace was arrested an hour after the incident. Prosecutors said he acted out of gang retaliation. Gang members and investigators testified that Grace was a member of the Atcheson Crips Gangsters (ACG).WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: