(KRON) — A man in Key West is being charged with animal cruelty Tuesday, after he duct-taped three live iguanas to the handle bars of his bicycle.  According to police, Jeremy Dugas, 35, was arrested after a woman reported him for trying to sell her the iguanas.

Dungas was arrested outside of a restaurant called Banana Cafe with the three orange iguanas measuring 4 feet in length dangling from his bike.  Although he denied he was peddling the lizards, the restaurant claimed to have seen him approach several people asking if they were interested in buying the reptiles.

Dungas bound the iguanas on their backs, which is considered animal cruelty, but told police he planned on eating them.  Iguanas are not indigenous to Florida, and killing them for food is illegal.

He is currently charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and is being held in the Monroe County Detention Center on $5,000 bond.