Marin County fire officials concerned over next devastating wildfire

Marin County fire officials are asking for the public’s help to avoid a wildfire disaster like what happened to their neighbors just to the north in Sonoma and Napa Counties last October during the North Bay wildfires. 

The fire chief was very concerned. 

He says the next devastating wildfire in Marin County could happen at any time. 

It’s not a matter of if, it’s when. 

And the more Marin residences do now to prepare for it will mean the less devastating it will be when it happens. 

“What happened up north last year could happen here,” said Jason Weber, Fire Chief with the Marin County Fire Department. 

Marin County Fire Chief Jason Weber says they need the public’s help to prepare for the next big wildfire that could strike Marin County anytime. 

“If you’re selfish, you’re not participating, help your neighbor and the firefighters,” said Fire Chief Weber. 

Marin County residents might see one of these show up on their front door warning them they are in violation of defensible space. 

“We have 4,000 investigations of defensible space a year making sure people are in compliance,” said Fire Chief Weber. 

He says the difference between life and death and properties saved or lost can depend on the public being prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice, once the alert goes out. 

“With the small windy roads here every second counts, if we are trying to get in and other people are trying to leave getting in the way can cause problems, we need people to evacuate early,” he said.

You can go to any Marin County Fire Department and pick up resources like pamphlets on wildfire preparedness for homeowners, and evacuation pack list.



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