Measles making comeback? 220 new confirmed cases nationwide


A warning out for parents as the measles might be making a comeback after 220 new measles cases were reported nationwide, including some confirmed cases in California.

The CDC is reporting 15 outbreaks this year and Bay Area Health Departments are on the lookout after reports of the measles were confirmed in 26 states.

The last outbreak was in 2015 when at least 147 people came down with the virus at Disneyland.

“Measles is very contagious, it is spread through the air, it can also be spread in the air after a sick person has left the room for up to two hours,” Danielle Hiser-Honda said.

Hiser-Honda is a senior public health nurse in Marin County.

She worked on the large Disneyland outbreak where Marin had two cases of the measles.

“We worked with them in the duration of the illness, it was a couple of weeks,” Hiser-Honda said.

Symptoms include high fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes and a rash all over the body for five to six days.

Measles could spread easily through the air.

“People sharing the airspace, usually people who are spending time together in a classroom, or at work, somewhere indoors, anytime there have been exposures and we would be concerned if somebody was on public transportation with somebody who had measles,” Hiser-Honda said.

The CDC says measles is not made into the United States, people bring it into the country either by foreigners through Americans who travel abroad.

Hiser-Honda says the best way to prevent measles is by getting two doses of the MMR vaccine.

“People get these vaccines, one at about a year of age, the second at five years of age, the second dose of vaccine is 97-percent effective at preventing measles, so it’s a very very effective vaccine,” Hiser-Honda said.



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