SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – For many people the new year means new additions and for one San Francisco family, January 1 2020 brought a newborn baby boy into their world.

Who is this bundle of joy? His name is Charlie. Even though he was due Christmas Eve, he decided to wait a week so he can proudly become the first San Francisco baby born, of the decade. 

Charlie’s handsome, cool, calm and collected.

 In a hospital room overlooking the city of San Francisco,  little Charlie Shackleton takes in his first few moments quietly.

Though seen sleeping soundly, the seven pound, nine ounce baby boy did give mom and dad a New Years holiday to remember.

The mom explains, “Definitely ran the show yesterday. We got to the hospital and thought he was ready to go and then he decided to take his time. Somehow all of a sudden it was after midnight and we were still having a baby!”

After nearly 20 hours of labor, George Charles Shackleton, Charlie for short,  arrived at 12:43 a.m. at Sutter’s CPMC Van Ness campus hospital.

The mom adds, “We were pretty surprised just because it didn’t seem like there was a scenario where he was going to be born anywhere near midnight.”

Charlie’s father says, “Toward the end it dawned on us. Wow what time it is? Oh my goodness it’s the new decade”

And with all the talk and excitement for the years ahead — mom, dad and grandpa Woody are hopeful for the impact little Charlie will make on the world around him.

A well balanced child, who loves his family, his neighborhood, his world.

Charlie’s grandpa says, “Being the first child born in San Francisco is something they can never take away from you — this is yours forever. The first baby in San Francisco of the new decade.” 

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