LAFAYETTE, Calif. (KRON) — The Lafayette Hillside Memorial will host a vigil late Monday afternoon to honor U.S. veterans.

The Lafayette Hillside Memorial has been a very visible part of the Lafayette community since it first went up in the fall of 2006. At that time a group of people living near Lafayette built the memorial in order to honor the lives lost in the Iraq War. LHM is located on Deer Hill Road and visible from Highway 24 in Lafayette.

The group worked with a local contractor to build thousands of crosses and other symbols to represent the lost service people including Buddhist wheels, Stars of David, and Islamic Crescents. After some time a sign was also installed at the top of the hill to reflect an accurate count of the lives lost in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

The Memorial Day Vigil hosted by LHM will include poetry, music, and comments from members of the community. The poetry of local veteran and LHM Poet Laureate Fred Norman will be read for the occasion; the book of poems that Norman wrote is read aloud at LHM each year in honor of Memorial Day. Some familiar faces will be at the event too, Lafayette Mayor Theresa Gerringer is expected to speak for the occasion.