This story has been updated to reflect the current national average for the price of gas, according to Triple AAA.

(KRON) — Gas prices have topped $5 per gallon nationally, according to the American Automobile Association. All while a gas station here in Northern California has some of the highest prices in the nation.

Across the nation we’ve seen gas prices soar since the start of 2022. However, people across the Golden State are seeing particularly high prices. According to Triple AAA the average price per gallon across the U.S. is now $5.004 per gallon, but in California it’s $6.430 and heading up.

But imagine paying nearly $10 per gallon at the pump. Schlafer’s Auto Repair in Mendocino has customers doing just that, with their regular gasoline currently priced at $9.63 per gallon, according to GasBuddy, an application that tracks gas prices. Those who need premium will be paying one, as the cost is $9.99. KRON4 reached out for a comment on why the gasoline is priced so high for the business, but a representative with the station declined to comment.

In June 2021 when Schlafer’s Auto Repair made headlines for having the most expensive gas in the nation, they were offering regular gas at $6.73 per gallon, according to SFGate. Now it’s nearly $3 more.

In the Bay Area, the gas prices are hovering above $6 for the most part. Some of the highest-priced gas today is over at a Chevron in Richmond, where you’ll pay $6.69 for regular fuel; the gas is the same price at a Shell on Lombard Street in San Francisco.

A Valero station near San Francisco Airport is offering the highest-priced gas in the San Francisco Bay Area, at $6.89 for a gallon of regular gasoline. Motorists south of the Bay in Milpitas are feeling the pain at the pump too, a Chevron in the city is currently selling regular fuel for $6.99 per gallon.