Modesto denies permit for ‘Straight Pride’ parade


MODESTO (CNN Newsource) — The city of Modesto was denied a permit for the controversial straight pride parade.

The city cited two reasons for denying the permit.

First, they said the event organizers did not get the event insured.

Second, the city cited safety concerns.

“As of tonight, I can confirm the city of Modesto will be denying the permit,” Modesto public information officer Thomas Reeves said.

The straight pride event was planned here in Modesto’s Graceada Park August 24th and after weeks of debate, Modesto city council pulled the plug after too many issues with the event and the organizer.

“We were informed today by the insurance carrier that they are denying insurance,” Reeves said. “If you don’t have insurance you can’t reserve one of our parks. The second thing is our concern for safety we have a big concern for the residents around Graceada Park.”

It was advertised on social media in a colorful flyer celebrating heterosexuality, masculinity and more.

In a meeting Wednesday, opponents said Don Grundmann, the man behind it, promoted hate.  

Reached by phone, he dealt with this latest blow.

“Even if I turned in an insurance policy as I’m speaking to you, we would be told that it’s too late to complete the process,” Grundmann said. “Maybe that isn’t true but it wouldn’t surprise me if that occurs.”

Also at the meeting, Mathew Mason.

Mason came out as gay four years ago and his adoptive mother supported the parade.

“Everybody in the community has really been speaking out and  taken a stance against this really harmful rhetoric that Don Grundmann is trying to bring to our community,” Mason said.

The issue of the parade has divided many for weeks.

“I can understand where they’re coming from with all the hate that’s been going on right now,” Stacey Hernandez said.

“I think it was the right decision,” Adam Webber said. “I’m openly gay myself and I’m also a physically disabled person so obviously I would be concerned about a group like that coming into the area.”

the organizers can reapply for a permit in a non-residential area, but it’s unlikely that they will be able to find an insurance carrier to provide insurance.

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