CONCORD, Calif. (KRON) – Holidays like Veterans Day highlight the importance of giving back. During this time of year, food banks can certainly use more hands and money. KRON4 visited a warehouse in Concord where monetary donations are down.

Every dollar donated to a food bank can provide at least two meals. The food bank of Contra Costa and Solano can use whatever you can give.

A spokesperson for the food bank, Krystine Dinh tells KRON4, “Approximately 70% of our donations are from individuals, so people like you and I giving back to the food bank. That makes a big difference, because we rely on every single person in the community to give back to us.”

Unfortunately, from the warehouse in Concord, spokesperson Dinh says monetary donations to the non-profit organization are down 20% this year. Inflation and the rising cost of living are to blame.

Dinh says that could impact the amount of turkey the food bank can distribute for Thanksgiving. She explains, “Turkeys this year, they cost us 41% more. And, it is getting increasingly hard to get turkeys because of the bird flu that has been going around, and that’s something, I know it’s something very simple and we just want to be able to provide for our clients and for people who want them, because we know the importance of gathering during the holidays.”

Still, people show up every day to drop off food, pitching in however they can. Theopolis Davis, a donor, tells KRON4, “Got to give, got to give. It’s fun. It’s fun helping everybody. So, we all gotta just pitch in and help everybody.”

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If you cannot do heavy lifting or spare any time to volunteer, donating non-perishables is the next best thing. Donor Peggy Haigh told KRON4, “I just wanted to do something nice for people and everybody’s very nice to me. I was just trying to return the favor.”

Two-hundred-seventy-five thousand people in both counties rely on the food bank each month. 25% of them are children.