(KRON) — When officers with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call that had disconnected, they might have suspected the caller had been monkeying around. And in this case, they would have been correct.

According to a social media post from the office, they received a 911 call on Saturday night that disconnected. When dispatchers tried to call back or text, they received no response, the post explained. Deputies were sent to investigate, following the address to the offices of Zoo to You near Paso Robles.

Only when they arrived, they found that no person there had placed the call.

“Was someone trying to make us look like a monkey’s uncle?” asked the post.

That’s when they realized, the 911 caller was most likely a Capuchin monkey named “Route.”

“Apparently, Route had picked up the zoo’s cell phone,” the social media post said, “which was in the zoo’s golf cart.” The golf cart is used by zoo personnel to travel around the zoo’s 40 acres.

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Capuchin monkeys are common in Central and South American tropical forests “from Honduras to Columbia,” according to kidszoo.org. They are also extremely intelligent and enjoy “toys and other novel objects that provide physical and mental stimulation,” the website says.

They’re also known for their mischievous nature and as the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office notes, “very inquisitive and will grab anything and everything and just start pushing buttons.” Which is apparently, just what Route did, randomly hitting on the right combination of numbers to summon the police.