ROHNERT PARK, Calif. (KRON) – Monkeypox, or MPX, has been detected at a North Bay high school.  

Students at Rancho Cotate High School told KRON4 that school officials sent out an email informing them a student had monkeypox. “They didn’t say the gender, they didn’t name who it was, they just said the student had monkeypox and went home, and they cleaned and beware of your surroundings,” said Cali Ortiz, a student.

Some parents are worried about what this MPX case could mean for their kids. “It is really concerning. I have four daughters in the Cotati School District” said Melanie Collin, a parent.

Health officials said due to privacy laws they cannot disclose details, but they can offer some advice to parents. “It is through intimate contact only. We are telling parents if they notice their child sick or rash stay home, or if you have questions call your doctor,” said Dr. Marse, Sonoma County Public Health officer.

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The doctor said the county currently has 38 cases of monkeypox. She said available vaccines have been sent to health providers, but that is not something parents need to worry about. “Children are not at high risk so they are not in the category of getting the vaccine,” said Dr. Marse.

For Collin, she said this case at the high school is just one more thing for parents to worry about these days. “My kids are constantly, ‘It is monkeypox’,” said Collin.