(KRON) — A shark attack victim is recovering after an incident yesterday in Monterey County. Some of the victim’s colleagues sent well-wishes for a speedy recovery.

Shark attack victim Stephen Bruemmer is listed in fair condition and continuing to recover, according to officials at Natividad Hospital in Salinas. Bruemmer was in the water Wednesday at around 10:30 a.m. at Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove when it happened. 

A good samaritan swam out with an extra surfboard to help bring him ashore. An off-duty nurse helped stabilize the wounds until paramedics arrived.

“I know Steve is really active. He swims all of the time. He is constantly out on the Bay. So, it didn’t surprise me that he was out there in the middle of it all,” said John Skellenger, a former coworker of Bruemmer. “I just wish him the best. I want him to get well soon and have a quick recovery.”  

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KRON 4 received more get well wishes from the college administration in this statement that reads:

“The MPC community is reeling from the news about Steve’s incident. Faculty and staff from around the College are expressing their desire to communicate well wishes and support for Steve and his family. Steve served as an Online Instructional Technology Specialist, working at MPC for over 15 years before his retirement on December 30, 2020. During his time at MPC, Steve was a major contributor to the success of our online education program and was dedicated to supporting faculty, staff, and students in online courses. He was a critical part of the College’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the sudden need to transition all instruction online when shelter-in-place went into effect.”

After the attack, a drone used by first responders to search for the shark was unsuccessful. Bruemmer suffered multiple bit wounds. That evidence was used by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s forensics lab to determine that if he was bitten by a white shark. Lovers Point Beach and Sea Palm Turnout will remain closed until Saturday, according to Pacific Grove Police.