SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The United States Postal Service has released numbers on the amount of postal workers bitten by dogs each year while honoring “National Dog Bite Awareness Week.”

The 2022 week of awareness runs from June 5- June 11, and even has a theme, “The USPS Delivers for America — Deliver for Us by Restraining Your Dog.” According to USPS, more than 5,400 postal employees experienced dog attacks in 2021. Thankfully this number is lower than the year before.

The report released by USPS also features a breakdown of which states see the most dog attacks on postal workers. California has topped that list for the past two years, with 787 bites in 2020 and 656 bites in 2021. However in 2021 only two California cities made the list for most dog attacks, Los Angeles sits at #4 with 44 attacks, and San Diego is tied for #11 with 31 attacks.

The USPS also provides a list of tips that can help protect mail carriers while they make deliveries:

  • If your mail carrier makes deliveries to your front door, please place your dog in a separate room and keep that door closed during delivery. Keeping the family pet secured will keep everyone safer.
  • Parents please remind kids not to take the mail directly from the mail carrier while the dog is present, as the dog may see this as a threatening gesture.
  • The USPS prioritizes the safety of its employees, and therefore if a mail carrier feels threatened by your dog, or if the dog is unleashed, you may be asked to pick up your mail from the Post Office until the pet is restrained. If a dog is loose in a neighborhood, the neighbors might also be asked to pick up their mail from the Post Office due to safety.
  • Signing up for Informed Delivery will give you advance notice of your mail delivery, this will help you take precautions to keep your mail carriers safe.

The USPS also released a Dog Bite Awareness Campaign encouraging pet owners to consider the safety of their mail carrier when receiving mail.