Mountain lion killed by runner was a kitten, necropsy report says


Turns out the mountain lion killed by a Colorado trail runner was actually a kitten, estimated in age at three to four months, according to a necropsy report 

The report was performed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife veterinarians in Fort Collins. 

While the term “kitten” usually refers to a very young cat, the use of the word in the report may simply mean the lion was immature, according to the Coloradoan , as the living weight of the mountain lion may have been 35 to 40 pounds.

According to the necropsy, “blood-staining of the scavenged tissues suggests the scavenging took place perimortem (meaning taking place at or around the time of death).”

Travis Kauffman said at a press conference on Feb. 14, 10 days after the attack, that he feared he would be attacked by other mountain lions in the area. 

Officials described the animal as a juvenile throughout the investigation



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