(KRON) — A Hillsborough resident reported mountain lion activity in the 1400 block of Marlborough Road on Thursday.

The resident said they saw two mountain lions eating a deer on their property. Additionally, the resident’s neighbor said they saw cubs in a den nearby.

Mountain lions are known to frequent the Hillsborough green belt area as deer is their primary source of food, police said. They are typically solitary animals and try to avoid human contact.

Hillsborough residents are reminded to keep their pets inside and close and lock all doors.

Tips to remember regarding mountain lions, courtesy of the Hillsborough Police Department:

  • Do not feed deer. It is illegal in California and can attract more mountain lions.
  • Do not approach a mountain lion, especially if it is feeding or with their cubs.
  • Avoid hiking through wooded areas during dawn, dusk or at night.
  • Closely watch small children when hiking in or around wooded areas.
  • Do not run if you encounter a mountain lion.
  • Face the animal, make loud noises, wave your arms, throw rocks and pick up small children.

It is also important to keep all pets and pet food indoors at night. Even the largest domesticated dogs and cats can be prey to a mountain lion, HPD said.