SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Cell phone video shows Keanu Reeves on set of the Matrix 4 in San Francisco.

Fans watched as he rode by Sacramento and Sansome streets Saturday night.

Another video shows two people doing daredevil stunts in the sky between two high rises in the Financial District.

The Matrix 4 dubbed Project Ice Cream began filming in San Francisco on Feb. 5.

That’s when our cameras caught Keanu Reeves in action.

When another film production set up shop in the Tenderloin Sunday, people were looking for Reeves.

“I thought it was Keanu Reeves,” Lavonne Smith said.

Smith lives nearby where production crews blocked off a portion O’farrell Street. 

Only permitted vehicles and Muni buses were allowed to pass through.

San Francisco police were seen in the area.

Of course the production team can’t reveal what they’re working on, but some people have their assumptions.

“I have an idea what they’re doing. It’s a movie based off a famous blockbuster movie.”

“They say they’re filming Venom,” Smith said. “Something with Spiderman.”

“They’re supposed to be filming and shooting the movie from Venom. You know the evil Spiderman dude.”

No actors in sight but this passerby said he’s used to seeing things like this.

“Eh, it’s OK. I live in LA so I see that all the time,” he said.

The big lights, generators and huge trucks says it all.

“It’s pretty exciting to hear that a movie was being filmed here in San Francisco,” Anaya Jolivette said.

Anyone near Montgomery and Clay in the city’s Financial District can expect more filming Sunday night. Look out for low-flying aircraft and simulated gunfire activity.

The production company said all helicopter work is anticipated to be completed by midnight each night of filming. The Matrix 4 should wrap in the city early March.

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