OAKLAND (KRON)— A musician who died in the deadly Oakland warehouse fire went there Friday night to perform.

Chelsea Dolan, 33, was one of the 36 people who lost her life in the tragedy. Her grandmother Marion Dolan told WIVB that Chelsea died doing what she loved.

“That was her life. Music was her life. Music was everything to her she just lived for it,” Marion Dolan told CNN affiliate WIVB.

Chelsea Dolan was an aspiring electronic music artist and just signed a record deal.

“She traveled all over the country to play. Whenever there was anything going on with electronic music, she was there.”

Chelsea Dolan was living in San Francisco.

“I know she’s gone. But it’s still hard to accept. She was just an upbeat girl, she was just always smiling, I never saw her down,” Marion Dolan told WIVB.