SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Elon Musk is actively seeking a new CEO to take over at Twitter, according to a report from CNBC. The report, which cites unnamed sources, indicates that Musk began his search for a new CEO after Twitter users responded to an informal poll the Tesla CEO posted to the platform.

In that poll, posted on Sunday, Musk asked users if he should “step down as head of Twitter?” and promised to “abide by the results” of the poll. Final results of the poll showed that 57.5% of respondents wanted him to step down, while 42.5% wanted him to remain. Seventeen million respondents voted in the poll.

The search for a new CEO is described as “ongoing” by CNBC.

The poll is the latest example of Musk seemingly “crowd-sourcing” major decisions for Twitter since he acquired the social media platform back in October. One of his earliest moves was a poll asking users if he should revived Vine, the micro-blogging video platform that was once under the Twitter umbrella before going offline several years ago.

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Other decisions Musk has made seemingly at the whims of his “reply guys” were to reinstate the accounts of previously banned users, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and former President Donald Trump. After banning several journalists who’d covered his time in charge of Twitter, he also reinstated many of them after taking an informal poll asking whether he should do so.

Musk has had a tumultuous tenure in charge of Twitter so far, having laid off nearly half of the staff and seen many others resign, rather than sign a pledge to go “hardcore.” He’s also reportedly stopped paying rent on the company’s headquarters and has refused to pay severance pay to many of the employees who were laid off.