(KRON) — Grab a life jacket to avoid tragedy is the message from the Napa County Sheriff’s Department (NCSD).  

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“People overestimate their swimming ability, even some of the best swimmers,” says Sergeant Erik Olson with NCSD.  Sgt. Olson showed kron four a close up look at Oak Shores day use area from the water at Lake Berryessa.  This is a peaceful area to cool off in the summer heat, but seven people have lost their lives here from drowning since 2020. 

“Life jackets are, we can’t talk about them enough,” says Sgt. Olson. Sgt. Olson also shared that there are life jackets on the shore to borrow, for free. 

A few weeks ago, a Napa County High school student and star athlete drowned at the lake. Sgt. Olson says on a typical weekend hundreds come out here, and he can understand why–it is a beautiful escape.