11-year-old fatally shot grandmother then himself, grandfather says


An Arizona neighborhood is shaken after an 11-year-old boy shot his grandmother and then himself all because he didn’t want to clean his room, deputies say.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office got a call Saturday night from a man who said his grandson shot his wife, 65-year-old Yvonne Woodard, and then turned the gun on himself.

The grandfather told detectives that he and his wife asked the 11-year-old boy to clean his room and pick up after himself throughout the day because he was being stubborn about it.

The two then sat on the couch to watch TV.

The boy came up behind them and shot his grandmother in the back of her head, officials said.

The grandfather tried to go after the boy but eventually turned around to care for his wife, then his grandson killed himself.

The grandparents had full custody of their grandson, according to authorities.

Police also say the gun belonged to the grandfather and that there were no previous signs that the boy would harm himself or anyone else.

The sheriff’s office says there is still an ongoing investigation.



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