NEW YORK — New York police are investigating after a tech CEO was found dismembered in his luxury apartment.

Fahim Saleh, 33, was last seen on surveillance video Monday, reported WCBS.

His sister found his body after going to check on him Tuesday afternoon. Investigators suspect her arrival could have interrupted the dissection and disposal of the body.

According to police sources, police have video of her arriving at the apartment around the time his alleged killer may have been leaving.

Police sources also said they found his decapitated torso and other remains in black trash bags. An electric saw was also left behind. It is believed that Saleh was killed before his body, found on the seventh floor of his building, was dismembered.

Rafael Sy said he almost moved into the building last year.

 “It’s horrific, disturbing,” he said. “It’s crazy that would have happened so close to where I could have possibly lived.”

Authorities said the killing may have stemmed from a work dispute, but they have no clear motive. Police are probing his business practices.

In the last video Saleh posted to Instagram, he made a plea earlier this year for his motorbike ride-hailing company “Gokada” following a motorcycle transportation ban in Nigeria, where the company is headquartered.

According to his Instagram, Saleh was “dreamin’ big.” He was an investor and founder of several companies.

His company remembered him on social media as a leader, an innovator and an inspiration.

Saleh said in his last Instagram video: “Gokada is not just a business to me. It’s a mission.”

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