You may have heard of the ‘Momo Challenge’ — The creepy woman with bulging eyes and smile telling kids to harm themselves.

Well, this is all fake. But it is still enough to scare kids. 

5-year-old Giovanni was so scared that he called the police department to report her. 

The dispatcher on the other end of the line, Natalie Gurule, assured Giovanni that it is not real and that he is safe. 

Gurule also told the scared boy that the department is working to find who is responsible.

Following the phone call, Giovanni met the dispatcher in person, who showed him around the police department. 

Giovanni now understands that the ‘Momo Challenge’ is not real and now wants to be a police officer when he grows up. 

The police department gave him a badge, patches, flashlight, and a teddy bear to protect him from danger.