Alaska high school bans cell phones


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (CNN Newsource) — Students are more engaged, studying harder and interacting more with peers in Anchorage, Alaska.

That’s what staff, parents and even students are saying after a local high school implemented a policy that teens said was a real bummer at first.

Necessities of being a student — books, bags and pencils.

“We noticed kids were distracted, and they didn’t focus on what was going on,” teacher Antje Carlson said.

Necessities of being a teenager — the cell phone.

“A lot of us are addicted, especially me, to our phones,” Caleb Furneri said.

So you can imagine the reaction when Lumen Christi High School launched their 100-percent cell phone-free policy six weeks ago.

“It’s a change,” Carlson said. “Any change is going to be objected to.”

“I was bummed at first,” Furneri said. “I think all of us were. we’re really used to our cell phones.”

Students leave cells in their homeroom at the beginning of the day

It stays there during class, during passing and during lunch.

“I’m telling you, we wish we would have done it earlier,” Carlson said.

“The level of engagement they had in the classroom,” Principal Brian Ross said. “And I think the teachers are very appreciative of that.”

The principal, parents and teachers are pretty happy — but what about the students?

“Over time I’ve just learned to adapt to it,” Furneri said. “It’s kind of nice since we’re not on our cell phone, we can interact more, especially in between passing periods.”

“We seen a positive effect on our school,” another student said. “People are socializing more. We’re focused on school stuff instead of checking our phones.”

Lumen Christi High is small, they have about 70 students.

But with the focus off the screen and on one another — these teens have a new idea on what’s important.

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