(KRON) — Inflation has taken a toll on a lot of Americans. High gas prices, increased cost of living, etc. has made life a little more challenging within the past year.

It’s also affecting another part of Americans’ daily life — dating. Like many things in life, dating costs money. Fewer Americans are going on dates because of it, one study says.

A survey by TheBalance.com revealed that 90% of daters say inflation has had an impact on their dating life. With the United States facing its highest inflation rate in 40 years, here are some of the survey’s findings:

  • 44% of Americans are going on fewer dates
  • 40% are more likely to suggest free activities
  • 34% are more likely to meet virtually rather than in-person

The survey also found that 59% say they are cutting back on money spent towards movies, concerts, and sporting events — all potential date activities. A separate survey last December showed that millennials (age 25-40) spent an average $69 on first dates, and nearly 25% were willing to pay more than $100 on a first date.

First dates can be expensive, especially for those who decide to pick up the entire check. 22% of daters would likely go on second date if their date pays for the first one — perhaps leading to a handful of people doing just that. And 18% said the amount their date spends impacts the chances of going out with them again.

The full study by The Balance can been viewed here.


The Balance conducted a survey of 1,200 Americans from June 30-July 9. Participants were at least 18 years old and must at least partially manage their own finances.

Quotas were used to gather a diverse sample of survey participants to ensure national representation for gender, race/ethnicity, region, and generation, the study said. The survey was an online self-administered questionnaire for respondents from a market research vendor.

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However, the study did not specify how old the oldest participants in the survey are. All participants were at least 18 years old when they were surveyed.