SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Security cameras are everywhere, but artificial intelligence is changing the way they are being used. KRON4 tested one such system at a grocery store in San Jose to see how A.I. is preventing shoplifting.

Picture this scenario, someone walks into Lunardi’s Market on Meridian Street.

They decide to take home a nice bottle of Merlot — only they also decide not to pay. But before they can walk out the door, the store manager steps in and stops them.

The “would-be” thief is stopped in their tracks, thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Store director Rick Sanchez says they’ve been using A.I. to prevent shoplifters for six months.

Sanchez says there hasn’t been a time the A.I. incorrectly spotted a “would-be” thief.

The A.I. is able to detect thieves based on body gestures.

After those gestures are detected, it alerts a manager in real-time on their phone.

Sanchez says gets 10 to 12 alerts in real-time everyday.

“It tells us basically on the camera, what aisle they are on,” Sanchez said. “We don’t have to run anywhere we just go right to the aisle they are at.”

Sanchez says certain merchandise is always coming up missing, including meat items, deli cheese items, stealing a lot of medicines, liquor, beer, and wine.

Now because of A.I., Lunardi’s has been able stop some their expensive cheese and wine from flying off the shelves.

“Because of the loss the retailer is incurring, it’s driving prices up for everyone else,” said Veesion, a surveillance company based in France, Country Manager Hiren Mowji. “We’re hoping that by controlling lost from shoplifting in retail stores around the world, we can protect pricing for other consumers.”

Mowji said the technology does not detect, race, gender, or the size of the person. The technology is being used in over 1,000 hardware, liquor, and groceries stores globally and planning to expand.