A video showing two women encouraging three young children to smoke marijuana has been circulating around social media.

Now, the kids’ mother is speaking out, and she says she had no idea this was happening.

The video may have shown up in your Facebook feed. Police say it shows a 3-year-old, a 2-year-old, and an 18-month-old baby inhaling marijuana smoke.

The video has shocked the community, including the children’s mother.

“I had multiple calls to my phone, back to back to back,” the mother said. “Numbers I ain’t know calling my phone, texting my phone.”

The mom asked CNN not to share her name or show her face because she’s been getting death threats.

She says she trusted Michaela Pearson and Candice Little to watch her young children.

Both are now facing felony child abuse charges.

When the mom first saw the video, she asked the women why they did this.

“She didn’t have no answer for me,” the mom said. “And in a way, it might be my fault because I did just leave my kids in there going back and forth. But still, it’s a common sense thing.”

The children’s godmother, who also asked us not to show her face, says she, too, could not believe what the women forced these children to do.

“So, it’s not like ‘Oh my God. This has happened before,'” a friend of the family said. “No, who would have thought? That’s common sense. I wouldn’t know nobody that would just pass somebody a blunt and then be like, ‘Hey you want to smoke this?’ No,”

She says her friend is a good mother who would never intentionally put her children in an unsafe situation.

“They’re talking junk, like real loud junk about this girl making it seem like she’s a really bad parent,” the friend said. “And the fact that they don’t even know what’s really going on, they’re going to base off that little 10-second video.”

The mom says she loves her kids more than anything and is glad they’re OK.

“Everybody that knows me knows I love my kids to death, and I would never let anything happen to them,” the mom said.

The children’s mother says they were in the hospital all night and did not test positive for marijuana.

She also says one of the babysitters is her friend and she has apologized for what happened.