A lot of people are looking for summer internships this time of year, and the Bay Area is home to the highest-paying internships in the country. 

Researchers at Glassdoor ranked the top 25 companies with the highest paying internships, and 10 were in San Francisco alone. 

No. 1 is Facebook, where the average yearly salary for an internship there is $96,000 a year.

That averages out to about $8,000 a month. 

Microsoft comes in at No. 2 — with an average intern salary of more than $85,000 a year. 

The only non-tech job in the top 5 is Exxon at $78,000.

Salesforce interns can make an average of $77,000 a year. 

Rounding out the top 5 is Amazon, with the average intern there making about $76,000 a year, or $6,400 a month. 

According to the research, the average American worker makes $52,807 a year. 

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