Bear wanders into Florida garage, eats Cool Whip, frozen sausage


SEMINOLE COUNTY (CNN) — A Florida family says an unexpected house guest walked into their garage and busted open a freezer.

A large black bear enjoyed a treat of Cool Whip and frozen sausage before heading out.

And the visit was all caught on video.

“He had made himself nice and comfortable with a cool whip tub and a package of turkey sausage,” said resident Pam Boodram. 

The normally closed garage door was open because her husband had been in and out working on a project, but then she heard some commotion from two different places.

“Well my husband’s banging in the bathroom, what’s the banging going on in the garage?” she said. 

She said she opened the door to the garage — slowly and not very wide.

“Just peeked around the corner there, and right on the side there, I saw the bear,” Boodram said. 

The bear helping himself did a number on the freezer lid — bending just enough that she needs a detergent bottle to hold it down.

Not knowing exactly what to do, they called the police department. They showed up and ran the sirens awhile to get the bear to move along.

“Hey Mr. bear, you need to go away.”

He did — but at his own pace — slowly making the walk around back and into some bushes.

“I can’t believe he maneuvered in here without knocking anything over,” Boodram said. 

Bears are clever— we’ve seen plenty of examples.

Just a couple of weeks ago a bear wandered around a man’s kitchen after jiggling a locked sliding glass door to get inside.

“I actually have never seen a bear this close before now,” Boodram said. 

But now a day she’ll never forget.

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