SPOKANE, W.A. (CNN NEWSOURCE) – Two Best Buy employees knew it was going to be busy the night before Black Friday but it was completely different than what they thought.

It was only Kayla Palmer’s third shift.

“It was really busy. It’s the first set of sales coming through and the line goes along, right along right through our registers here,” Palmer said. 

Out of more than five registers they had that night, one man went to hers – Register 3.

“Like he was standing, I had looked at the screen here and he just kinds of lean over the counter like this and that’s when I asked if he was ok,” Palmer said. 

The man told her he was feeling dizzy so she and her coworker Martha got him a wheelchair.

“I got on the radio and said Ray we need a wheelchair, he’s going to faint,” Martha Carter said.

Then he started sweating and turned pale.

“Then at that point, his hand starts shaking, drops his card and then he goes unresponsive, so I go to feel his pulse on his throat and I feel the other side and feel no pulse,” Palmer said. 

Palmer needed help getting him to the ground because she knew she had to start CPR.

“My co-worker Martha actually helped me, because I remember, I was like ‘I’m not strong enough to lift this guy’ and she was there and helped me lift him up,” Palmer said. 

“It was just nervous, it was shocking but we sprung into action. Didn’t hesitate, went around and helped her, he needed help and she needed help getting him on the ground,” Carter said. 

Helping him was second nature. Palmer’s going to school right now to be a nurse.

“And I just had a clear thought process, I was super excited about that. I asked him if he had any heart problems, I asked him if he was diabetic, like all the things that could be causing this,” Palmer said. 

After doing CPR, she got a pulse back, then paramedics stepped in and took him to the hospital.   

Although Palmer’s going through school, she says you don’t need to be in the medical field, to help someone.

“It’s a great time. It’s always a great time to learn CPR,” Palmer said. 

As of Saturday, Best Buy still hadn’t been able to identify the man.

They want to make sure he’s ok and gift him the items he was trying to purchase.