Boy stabbed with discarded needle while playing on school playground


A boy is facing months of medical treatment after he was stabbed with a needle left in the grass of a school playground.

“The whole thing was just so frustrating,” said the boy’s mother Amanda Armijo. “We do send them to school thinking ‘Oh, they’re fine,’ and that’s not the case.”

It happened at Tomasita Elementary School during the school’s Wednesday’s lunch recess.

Armijo said her son Kyle was playing with a football in the grass field when the ball hit the ground and Kyle went to grab it.

“He tells me, ‘Mom, I accidentally just went to go pick up the football and it got stuck in my hand,’ and I was like, ‘what did?’” Armijo said.

It was a hypodermic needle.

A red mark remains on Kyle’s palm where he got stuck.

Kyle now has to endure six months of harsh medication to make sure he doesn’t contract a blood infection or another virus.

“That’s another thing that’s really scaring me, how do I explain to my son if that does occur?” Armijo said.

She said she’s upset someone would toss a needle in a place hundreds of children play.

She’s also upset with the school’s response.

The school called Kyle’s parents after it happened, and didn’t call an ambulance to get him immediate medical treatment.

“Parents need to know what happens when you send your kids to school,” Armijo said.

She hopes sharing her family’s story can be a lesson for other parents.

“Make sure campus is clean and first and foremost make sure the student is OK,” she said.

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